About Us

About Lyrebird?

Lyrebirdbeatbox.com is a community platform that connects students with the best beatbox teachers for tutorials, live online classes and regular events!

At Lyrebirdbeatbox.com, students work with inspiring teachers to gain knowledge and build skills, growing their understanding of music and agility to expressing themselves in it. We measure our success based on students achieving their goals, while treating our teachers equitably, and becoming economically sustainable in our operations. 

Our learning community spans ages and levels. Students can sign up individually and as groups. We also provide lesson and class programs to community centers, including schools. 

A great teacher inspires and motivates us along a path to accomplishment. From Lyrebird’s start, we have sought out the best music teachers, and designed the platform to help them and their students achieve their goals. 

If you’re a teacher, you can read more about our approach here to decide if Lyrebird is the right fit for you. If you’re a student, or a parent of a student, take a look at our teacher roster and you will see that our teachers are truly stellar. 

We ensure our excellent roster with our processes for teacher recruitment, assessment, onboarding, orientation, and reviews, and our fair approach to studio policies and platform fees. 

Who am I?

Hello everyone, my name is Adrien CROZAT aka DuJ’ and i’m a young passionated entrepreneur and a beatboxer for more than 13 years. I strongly believe that Human beatbox is more than a hobby because this art has helped me a lot to grow my musical awakening, improve my listening capacity, stay open-minded to others and develop myself as a person. 

I am convinced that Human Beatbox is going to be a full artistic discipline as popular as hip-hop dance in few years as the number of amators explodes. However there is no pedagogic structure providing a teaching both professionnal and accessible to everybody. All these reasons has motivated me to create a community platform where everybody can learn from the best teachers in order to find their own style without forgetting to transmit important values of the Beatbox Community such as modesty, share and respect.

Our values

We strongly believe that Human beatbox is a fully-fledged art that everybody can learn. 

This community platform is dedicated to beatbox amators from all levels who want to learn and progress seriously alongside masters of the discipline to find and improve their style.

Anyone who wants to play music and develop his creativity with his own mouth is welcomed in our passionated community that we like to call “The Beatbox Family”.