Learn the beatbox fundamentals (Virtual Workshop)



You discovered beatboxing and thought it was amazing?

Maybe you even tried to beatbox on your own but it didn’t really sound the same.

We’ll tell you a secret! Anyone can learn, all you need is a mouth and some practice!

And it can even go very fast if you learn the right techniques and work on the right exercises.

Want to try?

Take part in a FREE masterclass and learn with our senseis how to use the full potential of your mouth to create the beatbox track of your choice!

Masterclasses outlines:

  1. Short LYREBIRD Presentation – 5 min
  2. Reminder of beatbox fundamentals – 5 min
  3. Practice with fun exercises – 15 min
  4. Beginners’ program overview – 10 min
  5. Q&A session – 10 min

✅ Book your spot below!

Language: 🇬🇧 English OR 🇫🇷 French depending on the dates, see the calendar below:

Price: 15€ Free (Promotional offer – Limited number of places)

Please click on “Event Booking” then “Book Event” in the form below to book your FREE masterclass:

We also invite you to share this opportunity with the beatbox fans in your circle. 😎

⚠️ Places are limited in order to guarantee an optimal learning quality to all our students.

Feel free to contact us here (or on Instagram @lyrebirdbeatbox) if you have any comments or questions.


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