🇳🇱 DUTCH BEATBOX BATTLE – Special workshop with Alexinho – Saturday 3rd September 2022

Dutch Beatbox Battle 2022 Stage Presence Workshop with Alexinho

LYREBIRD will be a partner of the 14th edition of Dutch Beatbox Battle: the official Dutch Human Beatbox Championships in Rotterdam!

The event will be lifted up to an unique user experience aiming to power beatbox in The Netherlands like never before.

Besides their usual search for the best beatbox talent in The Netherlands in both solo beatbox and loop station, there will be some special features. An exposition with the history of Dutch Beatbox Battle (DBB) and all winners, interactive sections at the event and special non-beatbox headliners will be held. There will also be a mini market, with the ability to buy DBB merchandise, NFT’s, action figures, watch Lyrebird video courses for free, and so much more.

For this special opportunity, we have decided to organise an exclusive collective workshop on “Mindset and stage presence in battle” with the current world champion Alexinho, in order to help the competitors to be more at ease when they will go on stage.

If you’re interested in participating, we invite you to book your spot (on the link below) before it is too late 😉

The event and the workshop will happen in BIRD Raampoortstraat 24, 3032 AH Rotterdam, 🇳🇱 Netherlands.

We hope to see you there !

Grab your tickets for the Dutch beatbox championship 2022 here

Update: Registration to Alexinho’s collective workshop on stage presence is now closed.

Dutch Beatbox Battle 2022

More information about Dutch Beatbox Championship 2022 on dutchbeatboxbattle.nl

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