🏆🎤🌍 Unique educational workshops at the World Beatbox Championships 2023 with LYREBIRD BEATBOX SCHOOL 🌍🎤🏆

3 Days of Workshops at the World Beatbox Championships 2023

Beatbox fans from all over the world now have one more reason to attend the World Beatbox Championships, which will be held in Berlin from 2 to 6 August 2023.

Indeed, our senseis will be giving unique educational workshops for beginners and advanced artists, to help them improve their skills and discover the secrets of the best international beatboxers.

At the heart of this world-renowned event, a dedicated booth will be set up to enable participants to meet the team from our school and discover the fascinating world of beatboxing. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned expert, our seasoned instructors will be on hand to answer all your questions and guide you along your musical journey.

Take part in masterclasses and workshops specially designed for all levels

Whether you want to learn to beatbox from scratch, perfect your basic techniques or explore advanced concepts, our experts will share their valuable knowledge and experience to help you progress in your beatboxing practice.

For this unique opportunity, our teaching team is made up of internationally renowned beatboxers, renowned for their virtuosity, pedagogy and creativity. 

From Thursday 3 to Saturday 5 August, join our daily workshops to learn in 3 days how to beatbox from scratch with Nazca, coach & teacher at LYREBIRD.

From Friday 4 to Saturday 5 August, work hard on the cleanliness of your sounds and give your beatbox more power by joining our intensive workouts with the 2015 world champion himself, Alem!

Also on Thursday 3, learn with our 4 times French Beatbox Champ and internationally renowned beatboxer KIM, how a judge thinks on a competition and what you should do or avoid to do to maximise your winning chances.

On Friday 4, learn the fundamentals of harmony at Loop Station with the one and only Robin, professional multi-instrumentalist musician, world-known beatboxer and looper.

On Saturday 5, unlock the secrets of battle strategy with BigBen’s exclusive masterclass!

Learn directly from the masters of the discipline and familiarise yourself with the techniques for which these exceptional artists are renowned.

Last but not least, enthusiasts will also be able to contribute to the recording of exclusive tutorials for our LYREBIRD sound garden (YT: Lyrebird Beatbox), highlighting the signature sounds of the world’s most talented beatboxers. 

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to develop your skills, interact with enthusiasts and explore the vibrant world of beatboxing. The educational workshops at the World Beatbox Championships in Berlin promise to be an unforgettable event for all lovers of rhythmic music.

Book your tickets now for our classes at the Beatbox World Championships and come and join us from 2 to 6 August 2023 in Berlin. 

Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or a seasoned beatboxer, this unique experience will allow you to develop your talent and connect with the international beatbox community. 

Prepare to be inspired, amazed and push the boundaries of your musical creativity!


All our workshops and masterclasses will be held at the METROPOL HOSTEL BERLIN (Mehringdamm 32 D-10961 Berlin Kreuzberg).

DAY 1 – Thursday 3 August 2023

Discover how one of the most experienced international beatbox judges used to think when he judges a beatbox competition. What are the official and unofficial criteria taken into account, and how you can take advantage of them to rank high and maximise your winning chances!

DAY 2 – Friday 4 August 2023

Join Alem for an intensive 30-minute beatbox work-out to train your sounds like a world champ! You will learn how to get a consistent and powerful beatbox as if you were a real drummer!
“Repeat after Alem” to practise and improve your beatbox sounds in no time!

Learn his best tips to find the right musical notes, chords and how to get a balanced sound spectrum in order to compose effective tracks.

You will also have the opportunity to compose a music track live with Robin while he will explain his process of selecting notes, how to use your voice and the Oscillator Bot effect wisely, and much more.

DAY 3 – Saturday 5 August 2023

Unlock the secrets of battle strategy with BigBen’s exclusive masterclass! Gain invaluable knowledge from years of experience and learn how to outmaneuver your opponents. This workshop focuses solely on battle strategy, providing you with tips and tricks that were experienced and created by BigBen himself!


To attend the 2023 World Beatbox Championships, don’t forget to get your tickets on BeatboxBattle.TV

Feel free to message us on Instagram @lyrebirdbeatbox if you have any remarks/questions 🙂

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