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Nazca · 16 October 2023

📚 Recommended level: Intermediate
🌐 Language : 🇫🇷 French
🔇 Subtitles : Coming soon (English first)

Do you have these problems?

😫 You have trouble learning new sounds

😫 You’re lost in creating and memorizing your own patterns

😫 Rhythm is a difficult theme for you

😫 You lack inspiration to improvise or create routines

😫 You’re stagnating in beatbox and have no method for evolving

I was in the same situation as you

When I started at 13, I had no teacher, no musical knowledge and I knew nothing about the world of beatbox.

I learned everything on my own, without any method, with a few tutorials here and there. I had enormous problems with rhythm and tempo, and above all, I couldn’t make any progress!

With determination, I managed to correct my rhythmic problems… going through every possible error. I went through a lot of questioning to learn sounds that my friends were quickly unlocking, and all this took many years…

Thanks to these mistakes and my experience, I’m going to tell you today what you really need to progress exponentially.

What you need is a precise method for making progress. That’s why I’ve put together this “Leverage your Beatbox technique” course, in which you’ll learn how to: 

✅ Deliberate practice on specific themes (structure, execution, rhythm, for example)
✅ Learn a sound methodically (get informed, experiment, practice and persevere)
✅ Enrich your Drum Kit by learning more than 30 sounds
✅ Master rhythmic codes
✅ Apply 7 methods to vary your playing (which will give you infinite technical and rhythmic possibilities)

That’s what my method is all about, in which you’ll access:

✅ Over 6 hours of video training to master the rhythmic and technical aspects of Beatbox
✅ A complete step-by-step method for rapid progress
✅ A concentrate of all my beatbox experience since 2016
Lifetime access to the entire training course from your personal Lyrebird space, with the possibility of asking all your questions
✅ A total of 117 patterns to work on your sounds, including:

  • 35 “beginner” patterns
  • 44 “intermediate” patterns
  • 38 “advanced” patterns

✅ A selection of 103 breaks from eighth to triple eighth notes
✅ A total of 300+ patterns in 14 musical genres

Module 1: Developing a solid drum kit

In this module, you’ll learn over 30 sounds to use in your patterns. From basic sounds to more special ones, most of the sounds are percussive.

You’ll also practice several patterns per sound.

Module 2: Understanding rhythmic subdivisions

The effective way to understand and practice rhythm. In this module, you’ll learn how to create your own rhythmic vocabulary (patterns, breaks), practice rhythmically through interactive exercises, and discover ready-made patterns that can be used in 14 musical genres.

With this, you’ll become a true Rhythm Master. 😎

Module 3: 7 ways to vary your playing

In this module, you’ll have all the keys you need to vary your playing in 7 interconnectable methods. These methods mathematically render the possibilities of variation infinite. You’ll have no trouble creating new patterns, or remembering them, thanks to the rhythmic skills you acquired in Module 2.

IMPORTANT POINT: This is version 1.0 of the course, comprising the 3 modules mentioned above. My initial training project includes 6 modules (thus creating version 2.0).

This version 2.0 will include the following 3 additional modules: execution, finding inspiration, and creating a foolproof action plan.

By joining version 1.0, you’ll get the 3 additional modules of version 2.0 free of charge. For the price of version 1.0, you’ll have access to version 2.0 when it’s released.

* This video course will be updated on an ongoing basis. You’ll have access to this video course for the rest of your life. This means you’ll unlock additional resources in the future at no extra cost.


Immediately after following this 6-hour video programme:  

👉 You’ll have increased your technical level tenfold and you’ll have all the keys you need to create your own patterns and vary your playing.
👉 You’ll have learned a host of new sounds and patterns
👉 You’ll have mastered the rhythmic codes and be able to create original and surprising breaks
👉 You’ll be in the minority of beatboxers who take progression seriously
👉 You’ll feel confident because you’ll master what you’re doing

But be warned: I want to be clear

The methods you’re about to discover will ONLY work if improving your technique and progressing in beatboxing are a priority for you.

Even the most effective methods in the world are worth NOTHING if you’re not serious and regular in your practice.

So if you’re one of those people who believe in miracle methods that give big results without any particular effort, you’re in the wrong place.

This method is not for you if:

❌ You’ve never beatboxed before.
❌ You’ve just started beatboxing
❌ You just want some easy tricks and don’t want to put a lot of effort into learning.

On the other hand, it will suit you if:

✅ You’re looking for new ways to progress exponentially
✅ You’re motivated to take your technique to the next level
✅ You want to learn new sounds
✅ You want to be able to create your own patterns, breaks and freestyles

PRICE: €200

LIMITED LAUNCH OFFER (€100 discount for the first 10 students enrolled with the coupon code : NAZCA100)

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