Develop your stage presence to never be forgotten with Bookie Blanco

🔖 4-hour physical workshop with live exercises
📅 Saturday 6th April 24
🕛 2PM – 6PM with a short live restitution at 8PM
📍 Florida Beatbox Festival 24 🇫🇷 – 95 Bd du Président Carnot, 47000 Agen
🌐 Language: 🇬🇧 English
▶️ Unlimited access to replay included
💲 Price: €30

👩‍🎤 Stage presence is one of the main criterias for beatbox battles. But what do we really mean by that and how do you outperform in this field? 👨‍🎤

“Stage presence is the ability to leave a lasting impression on the audience or an opponent.

To do that, we are looking to inhabit our bodies, to feel our beatbox 100% with the audience or our opponent so the stage is not a constraint, but a means of spontaneous expression.”

(Bookie Blanco, 🇫🇷 beatbox champion 22)

Inspired from Kevin Keiss studies, teacher and researcher at Bordeaux Montaigne University in theatre studies and from his own battle and scene experience, the one and only Bookie Blanco will reveal to you all his secrets in order to develop a strong stage presence!

On the 6th April 24, join us for an exclusive (and intensive!) 4-hours beatbox workshop in Agen (FR) to learn how to connect better with your audience and transmit your music with the greatest clarity.

Familiarise yourself with body expression and acting applied to beatbox and learn by practising live with exercises on different themes such as: letting go, focus, sharing letting go, sharing with the audience, connecting with another artist/adversary and setting an atmosphere. 

This course is aimed at intermediate beatboxers who want to do live performances.

🚀 Level up your stage presence and learn how to:
🎵 Showcase your beatbox prowess in a captivating stage show.
⚔️ Maximise your winning chances in battles.
🤩 Keep your audience engaged and on the edge of their seats throughout your performance and the ability to communicate with them.
🎭 Express your unique artistic identity and convey emotions that resonate.
🎉 Elevate your live performances to an unforgettable, crowd-pleasing experience.

🎊 Whether you’re a beatboxing aficionado aiming to perfect your stage presence or a newbie eager to dive into the world of live performances, this workshop is your golden ticket to success.

Get ready to own the stage like never before! 🎤🎶 

⚠️ We reserve the right to limit the number of participants to 20 to keep an optimal learning environment for this practical workshop.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop so we can start on time!

📍 Florida Beatbox Festival 24 🇫🇷 – 95 Bd du Président Carnot, 47000 Agen


This exclusive workshop for advanced beatboxers will take place during the Florida Beatbox Festival 24.

The Florida Beatbox Festival is a 2-days annual festival 100% dedicated to the art of Human Beatbox. 

Initiated by Tioneb (BOSS Loop Station World Champion 2012 & world-known musician) and a team of beatbox enthusiasts, this festival is usually divided into two parts: 

The first day (Friday 5th april) is more reserved for beatbox concerts and artistic restitutions whereas the world known beatbox battle takes place on the second day. 

Luckily this year, we will have the chance to witness 2 shows related to beatbox from POTSIKEI and FRIIDON and an international loop station battle as well. 

On the second day (Saturday 6th april), time for the Florida Beatbox Battle – solo category! 8 international beatboxers will face each other to be crowned the new Florida Beatbox Champion!


  • ALEM (🇫🇷 France).
  • BOOKIE BLANCO (🇫🇷 France).
  • HEARTZEL (🇲🇾 Malaysia).
  • JOLLUX (🇨🇴 Colombia).
  • MAXO (🇧🇬 Bulgaria).
  • OSIS (🇮🇪 Ireland).
  • VINO (🇨🇦 Canada).
  • ZVD (🇺🇸 USA).


  • HOBBIT (🇬🇧 United Kingdom).
  • PACMAX (🇫🇷 France).
  • PE4ENKATA (🇧🇬 Bulgaria).
  • PEPOUNI (🇨🇭 Switzerland).
  • ZEDE (🇨🇭 Switzerland).


Bookie Blanco is the 2022 🇫🇷 French Beatbox Solo and Tag-Team Champion.

Alongside his technique, his strength lies in his presence and ease on stage. The repartee, the staging, the atmosphere, he knows how to take the audience with him.

There’s no secret to it: his know-how has been forged through 5 years of intensive practice on the open stage and in concerts, and a career packed with national battles.

But he has also developed a theoretical approach to stage presence by studying theatrical and dance practices at Bordeaux Montaigne University. 

Bookie Blanco Live

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