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Weekly Collective Online Lessons - EN

In 2007, the beatboxer Poulpo did an amazing beatbox performance on a famous French TV Show for singers. This video became so popular that many people like me have discovered Human Beatbox and felt in love with this mindblowing music art. Thereafter, many beatbox generations have developed a passionated interest for Human Beatbox thanks to viral videos like this one 🗣️

🎼 How to learn properly the basics of Human Beatbox, discover original sounds and techniques, imitate instruments or reproduce famous songs in different musical genres…? Since very few beatbox resources were available, every beatboxer has developed his/her own way to learn how to beatbox.

Two main methods to learn beatbox

Watching Beatbox videos in repeat mode (tutorials, performance videos…)

The first method works for some people with facilities. For others, it’s difficult to maintain a diligence in training when results are not coming fast. Nowadays, there is a multitude of tutorials available for free on Youtube and you can still learn by yourself some great concepts in beatbox however it can be long and fastidious 😓

Meet beatboxers to share some tips and techniques (for the luckiest ones)

In my opinion, this second method is the most efficient way to learn Human Beatbox correctly as you can directly ask questions to a beatbox mentor or teacher, observe the right position to adopt for a specific sound or technique and get concrete feedbacks adapted to your level. However there are no or very few pedagogic structures both professionnal and accessible to everyone to learn Beatbox so there is no other choice than learning by yourself.

Nevertheless those learning methods are complementary and that’s the reason why I decided to create Lyrebird 😉

The first online beatbox school that shares the learning methods of masters of the discipline thanks to its community platform.

What does it mean?

It means that starting from the 27th of April, we are going to provide Online Weekly Collective Lessons for Beginners with two world-class teachers: Keumart, Franco-Swiss and FootboxG from Belgium! 😎

So if you always wanted to learn Beatbox but you need a frame, join our course for beginners and follow a unique learning method specific to your teacher to start to beatbox using the correct fundamentals and improve your beatbox faster

How to join our collective online classes?

1. Book a teacher on your preferences (language, availabilities, style…) 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫

You can check their profile by clicking here
KEUMART: Lessons are taught on Tuesday at 3.45 PM or 6.45 PM in French. ==> To Book Keumart click here
FOOTBOXG: Lessons are taught on Thursday at 3 PM or 4.30 PM in English. ==> To Book FootboxG click here

2. Make payment for your lesson(s) with your selected teacher 💳

Don’t forget to add the coupon code 1STLESSON at the payment step to get 40% off on your 1st lesson.

3. Find your appointment details 📅

In My Dashboard ==> My appointments while waiting for an invitation to join a private group with your selected teacher.

4. Connect to your account and start the lesson on time 💻

Follow personnalised beatbox exercises given by your teacher to master new sounds and techniques and complete the lesson objectives

5. Get the opportunity to participate to monthly group rehearsal and prepare for our Lyrebird Trimestrial Event 🎙️

Our regular events are a great opportunity to show what you’ve learnt, receive feedbacks from the community and win rewards! 😛

Lessons are conducted on Zoom. Duration +/- 45 minutes. Starting price per lesson: 12€.

N.B: There must be a minimum of 4 students/ collective lesson to a maximum of 15 students/collective lesson. We have the right to cancel a session if not enough students have booked a session. If so, we will send you an email to prevent you at least 24 hours before and you will be fully refunded.

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