How to build your action plan as a beatboxer – e-book by Nazca


Empower your beatboxing journey with Nazca’s e-book. Learn to set clear goals, create effective training programs, and stay motivated on your path to beatbox mastery. Take action and unlock your full potential today!



Do you feel stagnating?

Do you feel that you miss something to engage an exponential growth towards your beatbox skills?

Create and find new textures, get a precise execution, own solid tracks, and even stay motivated during your growth. 

This e-book has been written so that you can create a long-term progression for yourself, both personally and artistically.

This e-book is for you if you are motivated to reach your dream goals as a beatboxer. The key concepts mentioned in the book also apply for any field of your life. 

One condition is needed to succeed: to take action.

Taking action have various powerful benefits:

  • Fight against overthinking (such as strong doubts, willingness to abandon, comparison to other)
  • Self-confidence boost as you are proud of what you achieve
  • Endless personal and artistic growth

In this e-book, you will learn:

👉 How to define your beatbox goals
👉 How to create your beatbox training programme
👉 How to execute your programme
👉 5 hacks to never give up
👉 How to stay in action and focused

Remember: make your way fun. Successful people love the trip more than goals achievements.

Take actions to develop your skills and become a successful beatboxer.

“May your beatbox come strong.”


Customer reviews:

“This book is beautiful, worked out super well, you guys did amazing on creating this masterpiece”

– Duzzy, TOP 4 Dutch Beatbox Championships 23 – Solo category


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