Masterclass: How to build your beatbox wildcard? with BigBen – Wednesday, February 9, 2022

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What is this masterclass about?

BigBen will share his experience with you regarding different key concepts to organize your personal ideas in order to build a top quality 2-minute beatbox video.

Who is the class for?

Intermediate beatboxers who want to enter a battle that demands a pre-elimination beatbox video.

Why is the class useful?

You will learn how to select relevant and personal beatbox ideas according to BigBen and how to adapt them to the type of battle you want to qualify for. Thereby you will be able to build a 2-minute beatbox video that will differentiate you from other beatboxers and improve your chances of qualification.

BigBen 🇧🇪 – Professional Beatboxer & Teacher

Two-time undefeated national 🇧🇪 Belgium champion, internationally renowned competitor and professional beatboxer with over 600 live performances in the last 10 years, 🇧🇪 Bigben will share his method on how to build a top quality beatbox wildcard and then answer all your questions.

Summary for this masterclass

  1. Presentation (5 min)
  2. BigBen’s key points illustrated with his personal experience (25 min)
  3. Q&A session (30 min)

Languages: 🇬🇧 English with translation of 🇫🇷 French audience questions

You will also have unlimited access to the video replay (with 🇫🇷 French subtitles)

Price for this masterclass: 5 €.

VERY IMPORTANT: We will email you the Zoom link for the event so PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER too if you don’t receive any message.

How to build your beatbox wilcard with BigBen

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